Experience The Profit Potential of Your Trucking Company Business

“I Will Personally Work With You to Increase Your Trucking Company  Revenue and Profits.  You Are  Guaranteed to Make More-Money With Less Demands On Your Time.

Steve Pohlit,  Coach and  Consultant

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An In-Depth, Step-By-Step, What-To-Do and How-To-Do-It Process for Achieving the Revenue and Profit Potential of Your Trucking Company Business. That Is my Profit System for Trucking Companies. Your  Business Will Become A Lot More Profitable in Less Than 90 Days.

… We literally show you everything you need to crank up the revenue and profits of your business and in most cases with less time on your part than you are spending now. No past success necessary! In fact…

If you ever wondered how to have to increase market share and but didn’t know where to start…

If everything else you ever tried before didn’t work, and now you’re at your wit’s end and simply don’t know where to turn to next…

And even if you’ve tried many programs in the past, with absolutely minimal success whatsoever…

… Then what you discover here will change your business forever! In fact, it just might shock and surprise you.  Keep reading to find out how for yourself…

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Read This Letter Like Your Business Depends On It To Discover…..

How our exclusive (and sometimes intense) professional consulting program will develop the full potential of your business (We’re looking for a few more good people with the desire to become extremely successful and learn all our secrets!)

How to get from where you are (even if it’s not very far along yet) to chugging profits from your business in 90-120 days… or maybe sooner.

Why your attitude is 100 times more important than your current experience or even knowledge! Give us a handful of go-getters who are 100% dead set on creating a very profitable business, and we turn them into knowledgeable business professionals that know more of what works than 99% percent of the rest of the crowd as fast as humanly possible!

And much, much more!

WARNING! Don’t even think about operating your business as usual until you read this…


From Steve Pohlit,  727-587-7871
Written Thursday, 5:39 a.m.

DearTrucking Company Owner,

Have you done the ‘Business Treadmill’?

You know, where you try and try to figure out how to make more money with your business but nothing seems to work except you spending more hours. Just like a treadmill, you keep running but you don’t get anywhere!

You’ve probably read the books, taken some courses, subscribed to tons of magazines ranting and raving about ‘the newest big way to increase profits’, maybe even gone to a seminar or two….. But here you are today, at the same place you were 6 months or a year or even more ago, with nothing to show for it except a pile of expenses.

Believe it or not, nearly every business owner and even most major corporations out there are just like you.

At the start of my career, I desperately wanted to reach boardroom of a large business. I achieved that goal and learned a lot in the process. I experienced first hand the business practices that were most successful. I was in the company of billionaires (yes with a b). The most successful people taught me a great deal. In fact, the education I received from their mentoring was much more valuable than anything I learned during my years at college and during my post graduate work.

I also experienced the politics that often are part of a corporate environment and the huge waste of time in meetings scheduled where high profile people have their egos stroked. So I bought my own business – a large chain of drug stores with pharmacies. I then started numerous other businesses most of which achieved a measure of success. I was having some fun but throughout this time I continued to spend a lot of time “in the business.”

Then something changed.

What changed for me is that everything fell apart. I had made some good money and then made some bad decisions on what to do with it. I found myself with very little capital. I went to work updating my skills. Like before, I worked with some of the best experts in areas were my level of performance was mediocre. As I studied what was really working and reviewed what had worked for me and what hadn’t to that point, I concluded that most people in business could be doing much better by adding a few not too difficult tools to their tool chest. Ones that I really didn’t have or understood that I had when I was in corporate America and then operating my own businesses. I proved the value of these tools by working with a number of businesses in several different industries. In each case, the companies I worked with experienced dramatic positive results.

Now, the first couple projects were not easy. I had spent years of effort and tens of thousands of dollars trying to develop a practical model that most companies could implement and achieve huge increases in profits with less work.

For me, it was a puzzle. I knew what I was doing was grounded on sound business principles but the projects were not always running on all cylinders. Then one day after an owner whose business was rapidly becoming hugely successful abruptly stopped the project, I discovered the missing link to the business success puzzle.

The Profit System For Trucking Companies will be easy for you to understand and implement. We coach you through the entire process. You will come away thinking that you could have done this yourself. But you didn’t – you will now!

You will be able to continue the positive momentum of revenue and profit growth that you experience long after the completion of our business development program. You will have all the tools needed for a very successful business. Beyond that: we will have taught you how to use those tools to increase revenue and profits with less time required on your part. You will have the confidence The Profit System works because you will have experienced the results while we are implement the The Profit System Program with you and your team.

Ready to learn more first hand?  Click Here or call me direct at 727-587-7871. Steve Pohlit,

The Missing Link to The Business Success Puzzle.

The “gurus” tell us: We all need the right environment to succeed. The gurus are right. The Profit System provides the tools and the environment to succeed. The environment is the weekly training with homework, teleconferencing sessions that support the on site training which is really working side by side with you.  Note our program is adaptable to smaller companies where most of our work can be done by phone.

All of the resources we teach you to use  will work long term for you if you truly want success in your business. This is not the forum for advising you on how to make sure you really want a growing, thriving profitable trucking company. However, our business evaluation process is designed to help us conclude you are very serious about running your business successfully. We are in the business of success stories. We know The Profit System works very well. We also know it will not work for a business owner who really does not want to be in the business they are in.

That is the key, – we all need to know what we want before we can succeed.

The reason I experienced success as I defined it wasn’t because of all the books, home study courses, seminars and articles I read about running a successful business. No! The reason I have been successful was because I knew what I wanted and put myself in the right environment that allowed me grow and become what I was meant to be.

One of my early mentors was a internationally recognized expert. When I worked with him, he was already quite wealthy and he was young. I recall him being in his 40′s when we first started working together. At some point he seemed to lose interest in business. He began to spend most of his time pursuing his interests in fishing and painting. He was a marvelous teacher. I often thought how wonderful it would be if he would have devoted some of his time to teaching more people.

My experiences have been significant. Most have been very positive and some have been very negative. They have all positioned me to help you make a huge impact on the success of your business. I can show you, I can help you, but I can only help you if you want the help. Are you ready to do what it takes to operate your practice better and more profitably than you ever imagined possible?

Call me (Steve Pohlit) now at 727-587-7871 or Email me (Click Here) and let’s discuss your business and see if what I do is a good match. At the very least you are likely to walk away with a number of ideas that you can implement right now that will help your business.

“The Profit System For Trucking Companies”

You will …

Start making more money in the first two weeks of The Profit System .

How to know exactly how the financial health of your business is progressing each day.

How to improve staff morale and decrease turnover.

How to measure the effectiveness of your customer service program.

The down-and-dirty truth on how to have your business compete and exceed the performance of the competitors in your market.

How to build a targeted mailing list (that multiplies your revenue) for lifetime earnings!

How to use the most powerful email and direct mail marketing secrets in the world to transform your list into an automatic profit generator!

How to infiltrate overlooked niche markets that can become your own raging cash machines! (Even so-called business development “gurus” don’t pay enough attention to this.)

How to, find and market complimentary products that are a sure bet to to increase your profits and may actually make more money for you than your professional services. (Hint: This isn’t a one-time action, or some guessing game, it’s the result of an incredible process, that you’ll learn every step to)

How to evaluate a business idea to see if it makes sense to “roll out” — before spending one red cent of your hard earned money!

The Profit System Is The Key To Learning And Realizing Your Business Potential In The Fastest Time Possible!

Our program is the business life changing short cut you’ve been searching for. One reason it’s so effective is because we teach you…

The Five Stages of Business Success

Nobody Ever Told You About Before!

Stage 1:

How to define the starting point of your business for this project. In this first module you are likely to discover 3-5 actions you can take right now to strengthen the profits from your practice starting today.

Learn the only true measurement of business success and how to use that foundation to guide every action for growing revenue and profits.

Stage 2:

The foundation for your business will further strengthen in this stage as you learn the proven techniques for managing the most important assets of your business for maximum return on investment.

Our proven formulas and procedures will show convert all under performing assets into profit generators. You’ve never seen anything like this before!

Stage 3:

How to evaluate the true profitability of all areas of your business and increase profit margins overnight.

Note: this is a building process so each week I will be reviewing the file of reports that you will be developing from day one. This allows me to monitor your progress in making more profits as this program progresses.

Learn the one technique that nearly all business fail to use that will result in a 30% or more increase in revenue.

We will design and begin to implement the new customer acquisition program that is likely to double the size of your business in 6-12 months.

Stage 4:

How to find under served niche markets with your current customer base and new prospects who already want to buy the products you want to sell and are begging for it!

A critical key to making money online is to first find the hungry markets… and then… and only then… create the product they tell you they want.

Stage 5:

How to create an automatic perpetual cash machine that never sleeps… through ongoing product development and hands-off business maintenance!

In other words, we provide a clear step by step system that eliminates the “overwhelmed” feeling you get from all the feedback from staff, customers, accountants and the marketplace.

You don’t have to guess anymore!

We break down the process into five major phases (i.e., 1. Definition and current condition, 2. Optimizing your business assets, 3. Maximizing the profitability of all business areas 4. Discover underserved markets related to your business, and 5. Automating select profit generators.

Within each phase there is a step-by-step plan to follow that’s been fine-tuned over months of trial and error helping. Nothing is left to chance.

Best part is each step shows you exactly what to do and what resources to use. All you have to do work the system as it tells you to work. That’s it! We work with you for awhile so you experience the results and know what to do after we leave. You will have the absolute confidence in knowing how to continue operating your business for maximum profitability long after our project is complete.

The Main Reason This Program WorksIs Because You’re Working Directly With A A Business Development Expert Who Has Personally Helped More Than 50 Companies . For more information please Click Here to review the About Us section.

During The Profit System Program you will learn…

The one technique that every business must use to measure the actual performance of the business right now plus you will receive the yardstick for measuring the success of each action you implement with the intention of improving your business performance.

A simple, yet powerful system for motivating top performing staff and nearly eliminating turnover.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of your support systems and how to quickly and economically strengthen those systems if needed.

You learn how to plan for capital expenditures and evaluate lease vs. buy.

How to evaluate and choose which wealth-producing services and products will work the best for your business!

You’ll learn the easy way to quickly find opportunities perfectly suited to you. By following the simple instructions we painstakingly lay out you’ll nail this critical first step right out of the gates.

How to develop and use practical, proven marketing programs to maximize the value of your current customers and build new ones.

You don’t automatically need to hire more people and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to grow your business and earn more profits both as a percentage of revenue and in total dollars.

How to effectively and economically use the tools of the Internet to increase your client base. You will learn what to discuss with your webmaster even if you choose not to do this very easy work yourself.

Focus on building your business following our step-by-step system including using the numerous suggestions and templates you will receive as part of The Profit System Program. You are a business owner. We do not want you to worry about becoming a “webmaster.”

How to test then measure the return on investment of every promotion.

How to use emotional direct response techniques in your  ads that will prove your ads are working.

Gurantee: We are only successful if you are. Many consulting programs are structured where the consulting firm’s fees are the priority. Our Profit System for Trucking Companies is engineered for you to make a lot more money. We invest heavily in each client. To start we have 40 hours of more of professional time completing background work and starting Phase 1 of the project before we reach agreement on project fees. If you don’t see the value, you don’t pay. Once the project is under way, you receive detailed performance reports each week. Again, if you do not see the value, we fix it or we are not paid. It is that simple. You are satisfied each step of the way or you don’t pay. We are able to provide this guarantee with confidence because we know our process works.

Next Step:

Call me (Steve Pohlit) at 727-587-7871 or Email me (Click Here) for a no obligation consultation on your business. You may never know what is possible unless we take that first step.

I look forward to talking with you.

“Your Success Is My Business”

Steve Pohlit

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